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Learn how to write a bespoke and polished Veterinary Personal Statement today and make your application truly stand out. Reviewed by vets – every word counts.

Writing the personal statement is a daunting task and let’s face it – we’re not all J.K. Rowling. Where do you start? Does it sound too cheesy? Are there enough buzzwords? Luckily, we’ve got some amazing support options to help you craft the perfect Personal Statement.

What does a reviewer look for?

There are two overarching themes that our reviewers look for in all personal statements – qualities and role.


Do you understand the qualities a successful veterinary surgeon needs and fundamentally, how have you demonstrated these attributes? Your understanding of this is drawn out from how you tackle personal and professional obstacles, teamwork, leadership, and communication in both academic and non-academic settings.


Do you understand the role of a veterinary surgeon and how they work in a multidisciplinary team? Your understanding of this can be explored through your personal involvement with animals, work experience and volunteering.

How can we improve your Personal Statement?

Motivation And Commitment

Our tutors assess why you want to study veterinary medicine. We evaluate your vocational and extracurricular experiences alongside personal development. Our team look for a broad range of examples from your work experience that highlights your understanding of the role of the vet, the veterinary profession and the sciences underpinning this vocation.

Attitude To Study

Our tutors assess your personal statement for academic interest but also for traits that demonstrate important skills such as resilience, work-life balance, teamwork, and communication. Our skilled reviewers will ensure you avoid listing experiences and assist you in prioritising which experiences to reflect on – quality is more important than quantity.

Cambridge Essentials

If you are applying to Cambridge to study Veterinary Medicine, our senior Cambridge tutors will focus closely on the use of scientific terminologies and the technical contents of your personal statement. Our reviewers look to see how well you articulate your interest in the academic aspects of veterinary medicine - above and beyond the EPQ.

Reducing Word Count

Most students who send us their personal statements are over the word and character limit! The 4,000-word limit can be really hard to adhere to – your style of writing should be focused with argument and direction. This is where a trained eye can prioritise your reflective encounters and remove unnecessary content.

Integration and Flow

Whilst it’s important to have a checklist and a high level of organisation, our tutors ensure your personal statement is engaging. It’s vital for you to have a strong introduction and conclusion. A personal statement should flow logically and excite the reader whilst simultaneously adopting a formal academic writing style.

Spelling and Grammar

Is all of you're spelling & grammar, correct? Just as you noticed our grammatical mistake above - make sure you thoroughly check your statement before the final submission. One of the most common faults we see is the incorrect use of commas – we run all of our personal statements through Grammarly.

How does it work?

Our Success Rate

Students enrolled on our Oxbridge Admissions Programmes are 300% more likely to get an Oxbridge offer.

Average Oxbridge National Success Rate
MediTutor Oxbridge National Success Rate

Students enrolled on our Veterinary Admissions Programmes are 180% more likely to get a Veterinary offer.

Average Veterinary National Success Rate
MediTutor Veterinary National Success Rate

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Personal Statement FAQs

Got some questions about the Personal Statement (PS) Review? You might just find the answer here. If not, you can always reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help

The PS forms an important part of the applicant process – it is a chance to get noticed for the unique talents and experiences you have. In summary – the PS is a short, reflective piece of writing that you submit as part of your UCAS application to universities.

Vet schools generally assess the same unified themes – note that in Cambridge there is a much stronger emphasis on academics and basic sciences. The standard of your written communication and a structured format is important.

Common things to include

  • A strong introduction
  • Why you want to study veterinary medicine
  • Supra-Curricular: e.g., volunteering, research, books, online courses
  • Extra-Curricular: e.g., sports, teamwork, leadership
  • Ability to reflect on your work experience
  • A strong conclusion

Start writing your personal statement early, ideally the summer before Year 13 if you’re a school leaver. The earlier you get started, the more time you allow yourself to write and rewrite the statement until it’s perfect. Unfortunately, leaving things too late tends to lead to a state of panic and stress – get in touch if you need any inspiration!

Absolutely! We run an express service on demand, please contact us so we can guarantee a review of your PS within this timeframe.

Absolutely! We run this service on demand, please contact us so we can organise a PS review with a veterinary surgeon.

We are happy to accommodate a reviewer from a specific vet school, however, all our reviewers are equally talented and received multiple offers.

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MediTutor has been running since 2020 when COVID, we started with a small team of 3 tutors and have now rapidly grown to a team of over 100+ tutors. MediTutor ran the UK’s first veterinary MMI course in 2021.

Some say “The hardest part is getting in.” Many of our current vet tutors may have been offered a place at their dream university, but rejected by another one that was on their shortlist – it doesn’t make them any less of a great future vet. There will be some things you can control, and some that you can’t – so try to stand out in those that you can. MediTutor has listed the six crucial elements to a successful application.

We recommend students set 6 A4 pages aside and write the following headings at the top of each page. Set out an action plan of how you will satisfy the requirements.

1. Grades/Exam results – the minimum entry requirements will suffice
2. NSAA (Cambridge)/Pre-interview questionnaire
3. Extracurricular Activities and Work Experience
4. UCAS Reference
5. Personal Statement
6. Interview Performance

Here at MediTutor, our expert tutors are here to support you with these core aspects of your application.

Please don’t use clichés, every single admissions cycle without fail, our reviewers see the same cliché phrases such as “I have always wanted to be a vet” – this is just far too commonly stated (even if it’s true) – creativity and individuality are essential to a successful personal statement.

Most personal statements are reviewed within 3 working days, if not sooner. For Cambridge personal statements, these can take up to 5 working days.

Prior to the review of your personal statement, our reviewers will establish what your main ideas, concerns and expectations are. We will focus on these alongside our 10-point checklist.

We typically recommend two reviews though this does vary from student to student and there is no one answer that fits all! You can purchase more reviews at any time or request a second reviewer should you wish at any time.

Sorry, no! The ‘key’ is that this is personal and if we were to write it for you, it detracts away from your natural flair. Additionally, as current, and future vets, it’s against the ethical code stipulated by the RCVS.

Absolutely – we have a team of veterinary nurses who we work with and can support you with statements, questionnaires and interview preparation.

Sure, we would recommend two reviews of your personal statement at the minimum. Once so we can focus on the veterinary contents, and the second, to ensure it meets the English standard requirements needed by vet schools.

The veterinary personal statement is 47 lines long or 4000 characters – the same for all courses on UCAS.

Yes – we do. We will prioritise a veterinary tutor who is also a graduate student to provide you with bespoke advice including how to reflect on your undergraduate degree. Our tutors can provide ongoing mentorships – more than just a PS review!

The team at MediTutor are very proud of our reviews, check us out on Google Reviews and Trustpilot if you don’t believe us ☺

MediTutor has an impressive success rate. In 2021-22, over 90% of our veterinary applicants have achieved at least one place at vet school.

Yes, we work with Klarna, PayPal and Stripe to support 0% interest instalment plans. Please select this option at the checkout or get in touch for more details.

The short answer – no. The long answer – you have very little to lose, and a lot to gain by having an expert opinion. Our reviewers have been incredibly helpful for a large number of applicants who now even work for us – that’s because we know exactly where people fall down and make mistakes in the personal statement. Importantly, we’ve done all the hard work of comparing and creating the best strategies using a wide array of resources so that you don’t have to. Just so you know, all our content is continuously peer-reviewed by vets and veterinary students – our resources and checklists are updated every year to reflect the most up-to-date university requirements.

We offer a free personal statement review through our widening access programme, please click here for more details. Did you know that 20% of students on the MMI course come through the widening access route!

Yes, we appreciate that we all have individual financial situations, and we do our best to accommodate this by being the most affordable course provider with the most flexible payment options.

We have partnered with Klarna, we accept payments over the course of 3-months, interest free.

We have partnered with Stripe, we accept payments over the course of between 3-months and 12-months, interest free. Please get in touch so we can arrange a package that suits you.

Yes, we accept currencies from across the world and have worked with students in over 10+ countries to date. We have partnered with UnionPay (UPI) and Alipay as our payment gateway for clients across Asia – please contact us for a bespoke invoice.

If you’ve checked through all of our FAQs and you can’t find the answer to your question, you can get in touch with us with any general enquiries about all things via or give us a call on 0800 689 0051.

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